Sarah Helgen, Partner

Sarah Helgen is an experienced fundraiser with over a dozen years of political fundraising experience in local, state, and federal elections. After cutting her teeth on Howard Dean’s presidential campaign during the Iowa caucuses, she went on to help raise millions of dollars for candidates and party committees across Minnesota and beyond.

Sarah has worked for a wide range of progressive clients, including R.T. Rybak’s campaigns for Mayor and Governor, the Minnesota DFL, and the DFL House Caucus, all which posted record fundraising totals during her tenure. She currently leads Congressman Keith Ellison's fundraising team, where she recently managed a finance operation that raised over $1.2 million in three months for Keith’s race for DNC chair. 

As a fundraiser, Sarah understands the components of both high-dollar and and grassroots fundraising operations. A hands-on fundraiser, she believes in building strong plans that are grounded in reality, and developing a fundraising operation that can produce results. 

Originally from Edina, MN and a graduate of Grinnell College in Iowa, she majored in economics.  She brings a track record of hard work - and a quirky sense of humor - to all of her projects