Running an effective Canvass

New opportunities to reach voters online emerge every-day, so you can’t deny the power of online organizing. However, person-to-person voter contact still matters and canvassing still plays a key role. Canvassing is proving time and time again as one of the most effective ways to move votes. Some may argue that it matters even more now and that real life voter contact can help break through all the noise in our daily lives.  

This doesn’t mean that we run canvasses the same way that they were run in 2002 though. There are opportunities to better integrate online and offline campaigning, and find tools and technology that are a good fit for some campaigns. There is solid research on what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to a paid canvass operation.

Whether we are just helping run one canvass or advising on the overall field operation, we always look for opportunities to maximize the canvass opportunities and integrate with other departments--staying in our lane and focusing on what’s important.

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