We Raise Money, Build Field Programs and Campaign Organizations, and Train Progressives to Win.


Raise Money

For progressives to win, they need the resources to compete.  Fundraising is still the make or break foundation of a campaign. While there is no silver bullet to make sure your fundraising program succeeds, we are here to help guide you to maximizing your fundraising potential. For candidates exploring non-traditional runs or operating in a clean elections system, we run a small dollar fundraising package tailored to low-dollar fundraising.    Click here to learn more.

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Build Field Programs and Campaign Organizations

We build campaigns with a two-month start-up package, a campaign audit to identify and correct problems in campaigns, and ongoing general consulting and management to help your campaign organization produce results.  When it comes to field, we develop paid canvassing, live calls, and digital programs that move voters. We design integrated voter contact programs that combine them all to most efficiently reach your voter targets. The North works with both candidates and issue groups.
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Train Progressives

On the democratic side of the aisle, we have a training problem. Too many trainers take the same presentations they’ve used for years and recycle irrelevant and outdated content.  Unfortunately, many trainers whom haven’t set foot in a campaign office in years don’t understand the mechanics of campaigns. Our team designs relevant, results oriented training programs that are grounded by real campaign experience.
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